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Burst Hot Water System North Sydney

Perched high up on the tenth floor the Nuclear Medicine clinic provided all sorts of specialised service for its patients. One of the tests they did was a chest scan for people who had clots on their lungs. Some patients had experienced a life threatening event so Lee was trained to provide patients with a calm and relaxed environment to wait for their tests.

Lee had worked the same job for a few years and loved the opportunity to help people while learning about the different types of tests they did and what they were all for so that she could provide patients with correct information.

One of the patients in the waiting room reported that the carpet felt wet near where they were sitting, it was near the water filter so it was assumed someone had spilt water on the floor. As the day wore on more people reported that the carpet seemed to be wet in places.

Lee called one of the junior technicians to see if he could find out where the water was coming from. The junior came back to Lee and said that there is nothing obvious but there is hot water tank in the kitchen that is directly behind that wall of the waiting room.

Lee thought for a moment and when she saw one of the professors she explained what had happened and he agreed that she organise a plumber to attend to investigate the problem. Lee used the internet to call a local plumber and found Your Neighbourhood Plumber North Sydney. When the plumber arrived Lee showed him the water on the floor and explained that the kitchen was located on the other side of wall.

The plumber looked up and could not see any obvious water leaking from the ceiling and went to investigate in the kitchen. He could not see anything obvious until he opened the cupboard next to the sink to find that the hot water tank had burst and water was leaking from the tank, running out of the back of the cupboard and running along the floor until it found an access point to the waiting room.

The North Sydney Plumber organised for a replacement tank to be delivered while he carefully drained and removed the burst tank from the kitchen area. He also advised the Receptionist to call a carpet cleaner who could help to dry out the carpet so that it wouldn’t be a hazard to patients or even worse become mouldy and start to smell.

The delivery of the new tank went to plan and it was installed with little fuss. The carpet cleaner left a machine that the staff could turn on overnight to help to dry out that carpet. It took almost a week for the carpet to dry out and Lee was relieved when the dryer was finally removed and the waiting room went back to normal.

For any hot water issues in North Sydney, call a plumber who is experienced in hot water maintenance and replacement, call Your Neighbourhood Plumber North Sydney on 0412 154 549.

3 Tips on How to Save Energy When Using Your Water Heater

It has become a trend nowadays to purchase and install energy-saving equipment. This is understandable since the cost of using energy and fuel sources continues to increase each year. The water heater is one of the most used and expensive plumbing fixtures out there. Aside from that, the operating cost of this device is staggering. […]

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4 Main Reasons To Opt For Tankless Water Heater

Tankless water heater is also a famous type of unit worldwide. Despite the number of reliable and cost effective units sold in the market, a lot of people seem to like the feature of this one. If you want to invest in a new water heater unit, you might want to read these reasons that […]

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5 Advantages of Tankless Water Heater

Different types of water heater that has been made and efficiently operating in each household. As expected, some types of this units are more popular than the other due to its efficiency and practicality. For instance, tankless water heaters are most used water heating systems available in the market. This is because of the benefits […]

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4 Major Causes of a Leaking Water Heater

For sure, you would agree the difficulty in doing things without a water heater, making it a very necessary appliance at home. Water heater remains an appliance while it is considered as a sturdy device, which can function on a regular basis without much problems or tantrums. It may also encounter problems from time to […]

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How to Use Your Hot Water System Safely

Water heaters are very useful equipment in the household. It keeps your bath warm and provides a lot of other benefits. However, did you know that your water heater can become a dangerous plumbing fixture if not handled properly? In case you didn’t know; a water heater can actually explode if it’s unable to release […]

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3 Main Types of Solar Collectors

When it comes to the use of the famous solar water heater, homeowners always praise the benefits it provides to its users. May it be the price, the environmental advantages or the incentives given from the federal government if they are qualified to the specific requirements. however, we tend to overlook the component that making […]

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3 Main Causes of Hot Water Shortage

Water heaters are considered to be comfort appliance that a homeowner needs in situations when the water gets too cold for baths during the winter or frost seasons. The appliance is responsible for heating the water that passes through the tank or the pipe connected to it. However, no matter how advanced and techy the […]

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5 Factors that Can Lead to a Water Heater Explosion

Ever since it’s devised, water heater systems have been providing us hot water to complete our domestic needs and chores. On the other hand, while they are doing their part and they’re not causing trouble, homeowners tend to forget what our units need. Our unit needs to be maintained to locate some complications that hinder […]

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6 Simple Steps to Drain a Hot Water System

The best use of anything comes when you know how exactly to take care of it. Such is the case with your water heater so as to make the most out of it for a longer period of time. Draining your heating unit whenever you have to move it is a necessity as well as […]

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3 Main Categories of Solar Thermal System Plumbing Formats

Do you have any idea on the plumbing format about your solar hot water system? Your solar heating unit typically incorporates the operations from solar collector, to circulation pumps, storage tank, controller, to piping and then to various valves. Read through and know more about the system’s plumbing format categories namely closed loop, drain back […]

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The Proper Care of Hot Water Heating Systems

Routine annual inspections and cleaning by licensed and skilled heating contractors or plumbers keep hot water heating systems running for several years without any trouble. However, you also can watch the pressure and bleed it to ensure that everything goes well between inspections. Many heaters have one gauge which measures three things: altitude, pressure, and […]

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Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater

Without a doubt, there are numerous family units and business stations that use tankless water heaters. A tankless water heater is accessible in natural gas. There are different sorts of a tankless water heater and it is dependent upon you to pick what is best for your entire house needs or business needs. Heat the […]

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Hot Water Heater

There are numerous normal hot water heater issues that can happen. In the event that you have the ability to perceive when something isn’t right with this specific apparatus, you will have the capacity to spare yourself a ton of disappointment in the future. Numerous individuals commit the error of accepting that any issue will […]

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Hot Water System Installations

Hot showers are among the little pleasures in everyday life and they also require committing to hot water system installations. These are generally usually done once and can stay in use for an extended time. You need to be keen to get the best offer and a high quality system.

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Why Doesn’t My Hot Water Last When I Shower

When you’re in a fresher home, you don’t have to be pressure on investing tubes, because of the fact that the risk of work stoppages or impediments inside the copper frameworks are unusual. Contrary to established stimulated steel funnels, copper pipes rarely consume within, together these lines, split up from some small corrosion, the channels are free streaming.

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How To Fix A Hot Water System

In the arena of machines and engineering, whatever maintains moving parts will stop working as time passes. There is certainly simply likely to be a sure way of measuring deterioration of the various components, paying little value to how well the holder handles them. The primary genuine article that may ease off the deterioration is a minimize in usage time.

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Gas Hot Water Heater Reviews

People today pretty much should buy a heater making use of the power source within their properties. However, but if your house is capable of using gas, after that consider yourself fortuitous. Gas hot water heater surveys are beneficial, and perhaps they are better in several ways.The tankless models are built to heat the water only because it is needed.

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Efficient Water Heater

The point when it’s time to switch your old hot water heater, a very high productivity replacing could be very useful. Nowadays, more than at almost every other time, the necessity to spare cash is immediate.

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