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Facts You Should Know About Plumber North Sydney

North Sydney is the second largest commercial district in Sydney located on Sydney Harbour. There are over 50,000 people working in the North Sydney CBD surrounded historic buildings like the Post Office opened in 1899 and landmarks such as Luna Park.

Such a large number of people concentrated in one area was bound to have an impact the environment.North Sydney Council was so concerned at the amount of pollution the CDB was creating especially the effect on the large stormwater catchments. In 2010 the Council decided it was time to take action to stem the tide of pollution that the people of North Sydney were creating.

Through an education campaign people were advised to dispose of all waste appropriately and ensure litter did not end up in the stormwater drains. Storm water traps were installed as well as an information campaign educating people that “you can make a difference”. The people working in North Sydney responded and businesses agreed to comply with environmental legislation that would ultimately reduce waste and harmful chemicals entering our waterways.

Although this campaign was a success we have to maintain this initiative and continue to protect our environment. We can help you to reduce the amount of water your office uses by fixing leaking taps and running toilets as well as clearing drains and shop grease traps together we can make a difference!

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7 reasons why you can count on Plumber North Sydney for all of your plumbing needs…

    1.Guaranteed appointment times – you won’t have to wait around all day wondering

    2.Guaranteed Pricing – All work is quoted upfront before we even lift a spanner

    3.100% Quality Service – All of our work is guaranteed 100%

    4.Emergency Services – Plumbers on standby 24hours a day, 7 days a week for plumbing emergencies

    5.FREE Plumbing & Safety Inspection – checking all plumbing fixtures throughout your home

    6.Equipped – Our vehicles are fully equipped with stock for most plumbing jobs

    7.Blocked Drain Specialists – Expert advice to clear your blocked drains and minimise future blockages

Plumber North Sydney helping you to protect the environment and our beautiful harbour.

    Tap repairs, replacement and upgrades

    Toilet repair or replacement

    Qualified gas fitters providing the installation and repair of gas lines

    Water leaks and leaking pipe repair or replacement

    Rain water tank installation repairs or replacement

    Sewer Pipes – Clearing, relining, repair or replacement

    Hot water system repairs or replacement

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Client Testimonials

  • “Very friendly and great service! Highly recommend”


  • “Ryan – also on his first visit – inspected everything, explained in detail what needs fixing and quoted on the spot. Today’s repair was conducted in quick and professional manner. All good!”


  • “Good communication. What it all was going to cost was very clear. On time arrival”


  • “Perfectly on time. Went out of the way to be helpful. Explained everything. Great job”


  • “Very helpful and friendly – solved problem where previous plumber couldn’t”


North Sydney Plumber fixes restaurant emergency!

Rupert had been in the area for years. He owned a home and ran a restaurant business in North Sydney. He had never, fortunately, needed a plumber before, until now anyway. The dishwasher had stopped working and the kitchen sinks refused to drain. Very unhygienic and very impractical, especially for a busy Saturday lunch hour! Before he could pull out his phone to look up a Plumber, one of the cooks suggested a Plumber to call. He lived locally in the area too and had used this Plumber when his hot water system had burst.

Recommendations were better than cold calling tradesmen, so Rupert rang the North Sydney Plumber. The appointment was booked with the promise the Plumber would get there as soon as he had finished his current job. Before long there was a Plumber standing in the kitchen, inspecting the drains. There was a blockage in the line, he explained, which was causing everything to clog. Before he started he explained what he would need to do and how much the job would be. Rupert agreed and watched as the Plumber set to work. He couldn’t stay too long, though, as business called and he had to go back out the front to help serve.

In what seemed like no time, the Plumber was out the front with him. “All clear,” the North Sydney Plumber explained. He even took Rupert out the back to show him the drains were running clear and the dishwasher was draining again! The Plumber left a couple of business cards for the impressed workers so they knew who to call next time they have a plumbing issue.

Be it a residential or business address. If you’re suffering from a plumbing emergency, maintenance or repair issue, call your local North Sydney Plumber on 0412 154 549 to book an appointment!