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A Homeowner’s Guide to a Brand-new Toilet

brand new toilet

Professional plumbers say that the average lifespan of a toilet is 50 years! This is, of course, in agreement to the manner of usage. If your toilet is treated as the china that it is, you can hope for longer service years. Even though it does not look like it, the toilet is actually one fragile plumbing fixture that needs frequent tending to and maintenance. Also, even though almost none of us know that there are specific practices to follow in breaking in a brand new toilet, there are quite a number of practices you need to observe to get your toilet bowl set up. Let us rehash over the methods and extra what-not’s you must do for a new toilet to help it function well and last as long as it is expected.


  • Cleaning

It is indeed good to maintain a clean and stain-free toilet, using chemical cleaners to do that is one sure way to destroy your brand new fixture. These cleaners, for a fact, are the primary cause of early deterioration and malfunction of the toilet especially when it is new and unaccustomed to the heavy duties of a toilet bowl. It directly affects the rubber stopper in the bottom of the toilet tank. This will now lead a running toilet since the rubber is now unable to fully stop the water. Also, the rubber flapper is not the only appliance that is damaged by the chemicals. The other parts of the flushing mechanisms can also be ruined by using the tablet flushies in the toilet tank.


  • Water Level Adjustment

One of the few things that only a few people know is that a newly installed toilet bowl needs a few start-up tweaking before it fully becomes functional and ready. For starters, you need to adjust the water level of the toilet tank 30 days after the actual instalment. This is because the rubber diaphragm of the new toilet can get really stretched and can damage the overall toilet unit. Remember that the water level in the morning rises dramatically causing undue stress to the tank. The proper water level in the tank is about an inch below the overflow tube.


  • Toilet Care

Threat the toilet just as it should be treated. A fragile china that is useful in keeping the comfort for the occupants of the establishment. When abused, however, the toilet will be easily damaged and destroyed. Whenever the toilet gains damage that is far too severe to fix by the temporary fixes or even permanent ones, your only option is to replace the toilet all together. This will be a very unbecoming and expensive solution since now; you have to purchase a new one.

To give you an idea on what to avoid from doing, you have to avoid taking a hammer to any part of the toilet whenever you want to disconnect it from a fitting. Utilise penetrative lubricants for that purpose.


  • Added Toilet Tips to Note

Also, to keep the health of your toilet, here are additional tips you can do:

  • Handle the lid with clean, dry hands to keep it from slipping and breaking. Place it down on top a soft space such as a bed, sofa or any other cushioned surface.
  • After removing the lid, carry it by supporting the underside.
  • Never out pressure on top of the lid.
  • Whenever removing the lid, remember to never lean it against a vertical support such as a wall.