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The Dangers of Damaged Sewer Pipes

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Long before pipe relining was discovered as an efficient alternative to a more complex traditional method of pipe replacement, some people prefer to ignore the problem of blocked and unmaintained pipes until irreversible complications haunt a household. Before plumbing professionals discovered a quick fix for damaged or blocked pipes, owners of these ill-fated pipes had to wait for at least seven days before they could see their pipes running smoothly again. But until now, despite the prominence of affordable pipe relining services in Australia, particularly in Sydney, some people still prefer to do the task on their own. Because damaged pipes store filthy water and solid objects that could somehow spoil throughout time, it could bring serious health issues to people living within the home that houses that pipe. 

Spoiled waste water cannot flow freely within damaged or blocked pipes, resulting to some of it backing up in drains and going beyond the tiles or marble on the house’s floor. That water is dangerous, according to health experts of the Australian Government’s Department of Health. If a person’s feet or a child’s hand get in contact with that floor, no matter how neat it is, the bacteria or virus caused by spoiled waste water will crawl into the skin, then invade the body system through the veins.

“Disease-causing germs can be spread from sewage if it is not disposed of properly, or if a sewage disposal system is not properly maintained, making it unable to get rid of the sewage safely,” the health department wrote in a public information announcement posted on its website.

Among the diseases a long-ignored damaged pipe can bring to human beings are gastroenteritis, hepatitis A and trachoma.


Hepatitis A is an illness that starts with bacteria being delivered to the body through food contamination, but if a person is fond of biting his own fingers during free time or scratching an open wound when it itches, he should make sure his hands are clean. A home’s atmosphere is never clean if underneath its floor, there are filthy waters mixed with faecal matters trying to seep into the floor and hover in the air. So do the people living in that home. Most of Hepatitis A patients recuperate with medical treatments, but there are some who died.



Gastroenteritis is simply a type of diarrhoea, only that it is the term used to simplify its two-word meaning, which is “deadly diarrhoea.” The disease also causes, other than diarrhoea, several moments of vomiting, nausea, fever and nausea. Gastroenteritis may not be fatal to working adults, who are likely to take in food supplements and multivitamins regularly, protecting their immunity. But an Australian study shows that the bacteria-caused disease may kill infants, children and the elderly. Adults who do not drink enough glasses of water in a day may also be infected with gastroenteritis, which starts in the same way Hepatitis A starts.



If Hepatitis A destroys the liver and Gastroenteritis damages the bowel movement in the stomach, trachoma may leave you blind for the rest of your life. Trachoma, also referred to as granular conjunctivitis, is a bacterial infection that damages the eyes. It is also contagious, meaning your loved ones may get infected if they are in contact with someone that has trachoma, too.


These are just three of the many diseases you can choose to have if you still don’t act on your damaged pipes.  There are also salmonellosis, shigellosis, melioidosis, giardiasis and strongyloidasis, among many others.

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