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6 Steps to Reassemble a Toilet Tank

reasssemble toilet tank

It is really unavoidable for our toilet tank to experience troubles sometimes that we need to take out some of its parts, especially those that are damaged and replace them with a new one. This is quite easy that is why most homeowners do this task on their own without needing the aid of a plumbing professional. Before doing the repair, homeowners are usually required to take out the linkage between the toilet and the bowl and that is the time we can fix or replace the components that need to be fixed or replaced. However, as experienced by most homeowners, after taking out the parts of the toilet tank, they don’t know how to put it all back anymore. And a single mistake on the reassembling of the parts may lead to further trouble or might cause the component to not function as expected. To help you in reassembling your toilet tank, here are simple ways to help you do so.


Turn off the water

This is always the first thing to do every time you try to repair or reassemble a water-using amenity. It is obvious that we don’t want to see water that is flowing from the supply all the way to the bathroom floor while you are repairing. This water will only be wasted and you could not benefit from them when you would have to pay for every single drop.

In order to turn the water off, you can shut off the toilet stop or the closet stop which is oftentimes located at the base of the tank. When you have found where it is located, turn the handle in a clockwise direction until it completely stops.


Drain the tank

After turning the water supply off, you should drain the water in the tank by shoving the handle down and holding it until the water is completely drained and nothing remains in the tank. Make sure to consume all the water in the tank before you do the repair so you won’t get wet. But it is really unavoidable to have about an inch of water left in the tank. In order to remove this, you can make use of a sponge to wipe away all the remaining water.


Disconnect the tank

It is quite impossible for us to disconnect our toilet tank using just our bare hands. You can make use of a nominal size adjustable wrench to detach the toilet stop nut. Take all the bolts located at the bottom of the toilet tank so you can completely detach the tank.


Install the Douglas Valve

When installing the Douglas valve, first, situate the valve on its position by pushing it through the hole. Lock the ring with your hand tightly so you can seal it properly while some people would utilise large pliers to guarantee the seal of the valve.


Install the ballcock assembly

In this step, you can begin with the bolts and slip them on the seal. In the case of the outer seals, you would have to place the rubber seals into the bolts. After putting everything in place, situate the brass washers and fasten them. You can use thinner nuts in this step so you can guarantee that they are sealed properly and you can use a wrench to tighten it.


Reinstall the tank

Lastly, place the toilet tank into the place overhead the toilet bowl. You can use slip-joint pliers to tighten the bolts. Make sure to tighten it well so it won’t quiver when you flush it.