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Although the presence of trees in a lawn or backyard can make it look more beautiful, they can also pose some danger, especially to sewer pipes. Roots are attracted to the moisture of sewer pipes, and when they do make it to the pipe, they will push through it. Roots cause clogs once debris start clinging to them, and if taken for granted, a backup happens.

Sewer pipes must be accessed and cleaned regularly to overcome the problems associated with blocked drains due to root intrusion. A plumber may use an Electric Eel or a water jetting machine to temporarily solve the problem. Another traditional solution to this problem involves having part of his backyard or lawn excavated so the broken sewer line in his property can be dug out and replaced. This is true for severe root intrusions.

Both are a hassle to homeowners and commercial property owners alike. Fortunately, you do not have to deal with the hassles of the above methods, as there is a new, hassle-free method to deal with clogs and leaks brought about by root intrusion! With just one call, a team of plumbers will come to your home and apply a lining that is durable enough to prevent tree roots from making their way through again. No digging is involved in this new method, and so you do not need to worry about hiring a landscaping professional and paying for his costly services.

Does that sound interesting to you? Then read on below for a list of all the steps involved in the process called pipe relining.

Pipe Relining: The Steps

There are three steps involved in the process. These are:

    — Identifying the problem with a camera: Upon arrival, we will set up a camera to go deep into the sewer lines to check it. We will use the recording to determine the best solution to the problem with your sewer.

    — Pipe cleaning: This step in the process comes immediately after inspection. A hydro-jet is used in clearing the pipe to get it ready for lining. This tool is so powerful that it can remove tree roots.

    — Lining: In this step, the lining is placed in the pipe. This should patch any leaks once the calibration tube has been inflated and steam has cured it in place.

    — Re-evaluation: A camera inspection will be done again so we see if the lining was installed properly.

The Advantages of Pipe Relining

    No excavation is involved in this service, making it a mess-free service.

    With no excavation required, it is more affordable than the traditional method.

    It can be done in hours.

    The lining lasts 50 years and is so tough that it prevents root penetration from happening again. It also does not need to be maintained that often.

    The smooth surface of the lining material allows wastewater to flow more freely.

Which pipes can be relined?

    ✔ PVC or polyvinyl chloride

    ✔ Concrete

    ✔ Cast iron

    ✔ Copper

    ✔ Earthenware

    ✔ All bent, misaligned, cracked, or broken lines.

Interested in this new, hassle-free plumbing service? Give us a call today through 0412 154 549 and let our team of plumbing experts fix your sewer line.

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