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5 Obvious Signs of a Broken Pipe

signs of broken pipes

There are minor and major problems that a broken pipe line can experience, may it be a supply line or a sewer line. Now, most homeowners make the damage worse by treating them with the wrong types of solution thinking that they are a common drain or supply line blockage when in fact, the signs they exhibit are that of pipelines that are nearing deterioration. To help you avoid misreading the signs of a broken pipeline, here are useful tips and points to remember when it comes to pipe breakage:


  • High Water Bill

When the water bill you have for this month is significantly higher than the last month even when the usage is the same, there could be a leak somewhere that keeps on gushing water out and letting your water meter run even when your tap is closed. Now, if you do not find that as a huge problem to your financial budget, that’s okay, but of you are like most thrifty homeowners who strongly refuse spending on the plumbing system more than what is necessary, it’s time to locate the leak and seal that up. Also, if you fail to remedy this situation, make no mistake in thinking that this will remain at ease until you decide you want to stop paying for water you did not use. In fact, the hole will progress and develop bigger and bigger as the time goes by. In other words, your water bill will rise higher and higher.


  • Water Supply Problems

When the problem or leak is with your supply mains, you will directly know this because there will be inconsistencies with the manner of which your pipes comply with your water demands. For instance, occasional water shortages or whenever you open your tap, it will take a while before the water comes out. Sometimes, though there is a continuous flow of water from the tap or showerhead, it will usually be in tinkles and droplets of water.


  • Foul Odour

Another obvious sign that the sewer pipe is having issues is when the floor drains or the kitchen drains smell really awful. In most cases where the problem has been going on for far too long yet the homeowner refuses to acknowledge it has no time to address it, the stink usually smells like rotting organic products stuck at the bottom of the pipes. Most homeowners only regard this as a sewer system hygiene issue which is why only a few of them ever invest time in actually cleaning out the pipe. While other homeowners think that they can get rid of the problem by pouring down a generous amount of chemical cleaners. Though the chemicals do a great job in making the lines smell clean, it does not necessarily mean that the lines actually are. In fact, at this point, the chemical could probably just be covering the accumulation. Also, foul smells are hazards to your health which is why you should contact your plumbing service provider for assistance immediately.


  • Bubbling or Gurgling Noises

This sign is present in both sewer pipe and supply pipe damage. The gurgling and bubbling noises can be heard in toilets whenever you flush them when there is a problem with the drain system. The same thing happens when there are pinhole leaks and hairline cracks along the body of the pipe. This can be caused by the change in the pressure inside the pipe or just because the leaks and holes are sucking in amounts of air that get stuck inside the pipe looking for a way out.


  • Clanking and Banging

This problem is usually caused by loose joints and screws along the connection. They can be quite troublesome since the homeowner does not only have to fix the pressure and water flow rate but it also have to fix the damages and after effects of the leaks created by the loose screws and joints.