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5 Typical Reasons Why Homeowners Replace the Toilet

toilet replacement

It is pretty much obvious that most of us place too much dependence on our toilets especially when it comes to comfort. But it is as well apparent that our toilets won’t last a lifetime. We oftentimes forget that they may fail to do its job due to wearing off especially when they are excessively used after so many years of service. Its parts might be no longer capable of its job or it is already very delicate because they are already weak and old. That is why homeowners are forced to replace their toilets. But there are still various reasons why they are replaced and the five major reasons are listed below.


Crack is present either on the tank or on the toilet bowl

When your toilet at home is already very old, you might notice some cracks on it exterior when you check its physical aesthetics. This is not possible on the toilet alone, it can as well happen to your toilet tank which might lead to water escapade, water flooding on the bathroom floor and your high water bills. If it does contain cracks, it is not impossible for the bowl to break open anytime soon and might even cause accidents especially when someone is using it while the breaking happens. This heightens the need to replace your toilet bowl and your toilet tank right away. Many videos on the internet show how this predicament ends and most of them do not end well.


The toilet demands constant repairs

When your toilet constantly encounters trouble and you have to constantly repair it, calling a professional plumber to solve the dilemma for you is not often a smart idea. There is no way you are going to spend for each part of the toilet for repair and pay for a plumbing professional in each installation. In this situation, it would be better to replace the entire toilet with a new one for good so you won’t have to suffer giving off your time for repairs and your money for the expenses. Replacing your toilet with a new one will save your money and time for future toilet emergencies as well as for the service rate of the plumbing professional you would have contacted. Aside from that, installing a new toilet would mean having a more durable and strong toilet due to improvisations caused by technological advancements.


Your toilet is high-flushed

In today’s generation, most homeowners would tend to opt for alternatives that would save money as much as possible because it is apparent that people’s cost of living increases as the days pass by and water consumption is one of the primary factors.

If your toilet flushes up to 3 gallons of water, it is a primary sign to replace your toilets as these old models will waste too much water. This will cause the unexpected increase of your water consumption which definitely violates your plan to save money. Today’s plumbing market has various models of toilet that flushes only 1.6 gallons of water. With the help of this toilet model, you can certainly save money from your utility and water bills.


It constantly quivers

When you notice trembling every time you flush the toilet, consider inspecting it first before replacing it or doing any repairs. A wobbling toilet might be caused by a loose washer or bolt which can be solved by tightening it back again. But when the reason behind this is corrosion, the only way to get rid of this is to replace the unit.



Sometimes, damages and predicaments experienced by toilets aren’t the only reasons why homeowners change their toilets. Sometimes, it is caused by their desire for comfortability. The reason why most homeowners are not comfortable with their toilet is its height or size causing them to purchase another one especially when their toilet is as well out of date.