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4 Advantages When Opting for Hydro Jetting

Because of its effectivity, hydro jetting has gained its popularity as means to clean streets, commercial vehicles as well as the pipe system. It’s said that the equipment can deliver an ultra-high pressure. On the other hand, when used in various situations, a certain range of pressure is used. When it comes to the pipe system, many would prefer to use it as a system maintenance as pipe problems will be avoided. Aside from being used as a cleaning method, it can also be used as a pipe repair method that removes root intrusion and animals that live in the system. With all the things the method can do, here are its advantages:
Complete cleaning

Typically, people think that hydro jetting is a method used only to fix blockages and remove obstructions in the piping system. However, this method is used for cleaning the entire system. This mechanical tool releases pressurised water that removes all the substances that got stuck on the pipe’s wall. Some of these are grease, dirt and sediments that will block the flow of water once it gathers inside. It can also remove roots that have been cut with a rodding tool. Additionally, rotating snakes can be an alternative, although, it will only create holes on the blockage to let water pass through. Having said that, it does not completely get rid of the blockage. That is why experts suggest opting for hydro jetting as it cleans the pipes and pushes all that is obstructing the pipe system.
Consistency and accuracy

The traditional method may no longer be suitable when you want to clean the sewer system. And you will just be spending for the disruption of the landscape. In addition, if there are any leaks in the system, sewage will only seep out of it. This must be avoided since it will endanger the family’s health. With this, hydro jetter is more suitable. Since it uses pressurised water, you are guaranteed that you will have clean sewer system afterwards. The duration of the operation would not take much time since it doesn’t involve excavation in order to access to the system.
Residue removal

Water is being used in every household every day and most areas use hard water. It has been proven that hard water has mineral content. These minerals can gather up along with sand and tree roots and will block the passage of water. No matter how thick the blockages are, it can not survive from the high water pressure released by the hydro jetter.
Bacteria reduction

Aside from sand and sediments that accumulate inside the pipe, the pressurised water can also remove bacteria that is unsafe to the environment and one’s health once the pipe leaks. Unwanted settlers such as rodents, cockroaches and the like can also be removed from these pipes with the use of hydro jetting.
Less expensive

Unlike the traditional method, hydro jetting is cheaper as it does not require a large number of men and heavy machinery the procedure. In fact, it can be manned by a single person.