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Blocked Drain Specialists

Experiencing sewer clogs? Don’t panic. Our Blocked Drain Specialists are well-equipped and well-trained to handle all kinds of blocked drains. We take care of all your plumbing needs and ensure you receive superior drain clearing service.

What are the main causes of sewer clogs?

  • Tree roots are the primary cause of blocked drains, especially in homes with old terracotta pipes
  • Dead leaves and other debris can form into a mass resulting to clogs
  • Oil and grease can solidify on the interior walls of drain pipes leading to blockage
  • Faults in the sewer lines can also give rise to obstructions

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Clearing your Blocked Drain

What are some of the drain clearing equipment and supplies used by the Blocked DrainSpecialists?

  • High strength acid
  • RootX, a foaming pipeline root control product
  • Bio-Clean drain septic bacteria
  • Hydro-jet cleaning machines
  • Electro Eel drain cleaning equipment

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North Sydney Blocked Drain

Naomi and Jesse were best friends from school and now that they both worked and lived in North Sydney it was like something out of the movies, best friends having a great time, enjoying their lives. They did all sorts of things together and had recently taken up cooking classes together.

They both had really good jobs, Naomi was a secretary for a Solicitor and Jesse worked for a Doctor as a receptionist. They both had stressful jobs so they really looked forward relaxing at home and going out with friends.

One morning while they were both getting ready to go to work, Jesse noticed that the shower drain was not emptying out very well. She just fished her shower and while she was drying off she noticed that the water had only just gone down the drain. She got dressed then talked to Naomi about the shower drain.

Naomi agreed that there was something wrong so they decided that they would call a plumber to have a look at it. Both friends had really busy days and forgot all about the shower drain until they got home. Jesse and Naomi were talking about their days and then they realized they hadn’t called a plumber.

Naomi searched the internet for a local plumbers and found Your Neighbourhood Plumber North Sydney how had an after hours service. She called the number and the plumber and organized an early morning appointment so they could still get to work.

The plumber turned up at 7am just like he said he would and he went to investigate the blocked drain. He found that the pipes were old galvanized pipes and that they do corrode and it had caused hair and body fats to build up on the pipes causing the blockage.

The girls both had long hair which didn’t help the situation. He was able to retrieve a large amount of hair in the drain and cleared the line and applied some drain acid to clear any other debris in the line. He explained that the totally fix the problem he would suggest replacing the pipes.

The girls advised him that the owner might be interested and asked him to provide them with a quote to repair. The plumber obliged providing a detailed quote for the owner of the apartment. They were now clear to race in the shower and get ready for work all thanks to the North Sydney Plumber.

Blocked drains in North Sydney need not be an issue when you call us on 0412 154 549 to take care of them for you.

6 Steps to Reassemble a Toilet Tank

It is really unavoidable for our toilet tank to experience troubles sometimes that we need to take out some of its parts, especially those that are damaged and replace them with a new one. This is quite easy that is why most homeowners do this task on their own without needing the aid of a […]

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A Homeowner’s Guide to a Brand-new Toilet

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6 Helpful “Do-It-Yourself” Drain Maintenance Tips

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The most common and easiest plumbing issue to solve is a blocked toilet. Typically, this is the problem that most plumbers repair. However, hiring a plumber to fix a blocked toilet can be quite expensive. But did you know that a minor blockage in your toilet can be easily fixed? You can actually utilise a […]

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4 Advantages When Opting for Hydro Jetting

Because of its effectivity, hydro jetting has gained its popularity as means to clean streets, commercial vehicles as well as the pipe system. It’s said that the equipment can deliver an ultra-high pressure. On the other hand, when used in various situations, a certain range of pressure is used. When it comes to the pipe […]

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Long before pipe relining was discovered as an efficient alternative to a more complex traditional method of pipe replacement, some people prefer to ignore the problem of blocked and unmaintained pipes until irreversible complications haunt a household. Before plumbing professionals discovered a quick fix for damaged or blocked pipes, owners of these ill-fated pipes had to […]

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3 Options for Resolving Blocked Drains

Having clogged drains can happen to anyone and in any household. So many things could be the cause of clogged drain – accumulated sediments, oil or grease and foreign objects. Whatever it was that has clogged drains in your home though, the reality of the inconveniences you encountered could not be changed. What You Can […]

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5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Garbage Disposal

One of our favourite plumbing appliances at home might include our garbage disposal unit because it is very helpful in the prevention of the vast amount of nasty wastes in our garbage bins and prevents us from doing various dirty works. However, if we want to purchase a garbage disposal unit either for installation or […]

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4 Main Culprits of Blocked Shower Drains

A great way to break free from the busy day is to take a shower right after work. On the other hand, you noticed that used water is not draining while you’re taking a shower and water is already around your bathroom. This kind of situation probably just ruined your day as you’re facing some […]

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The Dangers of Using Chemical Drain Cleaners

There are plenty of drain cleaning products that you can see in stores. Different brands offer fast and easy solutions when cleaning and clearing the drains. People often purchase these drain-cleaning products since it requires little effort to use. Apart from that, most homeowners prefer to use drain cleaners than basic plumbing tools. The reality […]

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4 Foolproof Ways to Unblock a Tub Drain

A great way to end a long and tiring day is through a scented soak in the tub. This, however, becomes another nuisance when the moment you drain away the water and call it a day, you realise that the drain is blocked and you are now left with a tub pooling with dirty water […]

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Tips on Unclogging a Slow Bathtub Drain

Clearing a bathtub drain may seem difficult for some but it’s actually the same principle with clearing other drains in the household. Before you ask for help from a plumber, try do it yourself, since unclogging the drain can be easily done by anyone–however, this only applies to bathtub drains that have a slow flow. […]

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How to Unblock Drains in 4 Easy Steps

With the day-to-day use of your drainage system, it is likely for it to be blocked in no time. There are now a lot of ways to fix damaged drainages, so you need not to worry anymore. Think clearly and spare from doing anything that may only cause you more harm than good whenever your […]

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Clearing Clogged Plumbing Vents the Right Way

Plumbing vents are very important parts of the plumbing system of your home, as they permit air to get into the drain system. But despite their importance, they are often overlooked until they become clogged. The good news is that they can be cleared, and the process of clearing clogged vents begins with the main […]

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5 Easy Steps to Clear Blocked Drains Using Caustic Soda

 Sodium hydroxide, also known as caustic soda, is an organic compound commonly used as a drain cleaner. The ability of caustic soda to dissolve grease, oils and fat deposits makes it a perfect choice to clear blocked drains. The chemical compound is effective, inexpensive and readily available at any hardware or home improvement store. To […]

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5 Causes of Clogged Toilets

About 22 percent of water savings under the Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) scheme of the Australian government comes from toilet. A toilet clog can significantly increase the amount of wasted of water. Having a blocked toilet is also one of the most terrible conditions you could experience in a bathroom. For these reasons, […]

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Most Common Plumbing Problems

The most well-known and bothering plumbing issues are spilling taps. While numerous mortgage holders don’t give careful consideration to this issue, the flawed spigots or installations can inevitably prompt an increment in your water bills. The exhausted seals and washers inside the taps generally cause such spills. In such cases, you may need to trade […]

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Methods of Dealing With Clogged Roof Drains

Despite the fact that roof spills often appear to spring from no place, now and again, issues are creating up on the roof much sooner than a break structures. A standout amongst the most widely recognized reason for roof breaks is clogged roof drains. At the point when a roof channel gets clogged, water can […]

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Plumber Tips

It may often happen in spite of modern plumbing you will definitely get a clog of some type in either the cooking area or the bath tub. For many clogs it may be best to just call a plumber simply because can handle it quickly and without lots of fuss, that is if you don’t […]

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Pipe Removal

Often clogged drains and pipes are caused by dirt and grime. Chemical solvents may be used to remove the dirt in these pipes. However in many cases, the chemical solvents may not be sufficient to remove the dirt and sediments from the section of the pipe, especially if a large object or dirt has got […]

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Drain Stand Pipe Clog

The most typical solution for a blocked drain stand pipe is to used snake on the drain. A drain snake contain coiled metal wire with space between the coils at the end. Be sure to use the appropriate size and type of drain snake. When the stoppage is near to the top, then a small top snake can be used. Run the drain snake down the standpipe and throughout the trap.

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Drainage Issue

Most likely eventually that you experienced water drainage problems. Whether or not this occur in your wine cellar, with your lawn, or at your spot of business, these complaints tend to be more than an irritation – they can be absolute dangerous.

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Common Problems That Will Ruin Your Plumbing

Every now and then, you may recognize a problem within your premises that will require you to definitely attempt the administrations of any plumber. It might seem to you as standard wear and tear of the plumbing because the majority of the types of materials utilized can keep opting for such a long time. Notwithstanding, have you ever recognized that your movements and the way you utilize the plumbing within your house might cause the problems that you simply figure it out?

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